ANCOP Gives Updates to Stakeholders

AS PART of its 37th anniversary celebration, CFC organized an ANCOP Congress, held on June 22, during which CFC ANCOP Global Foundation Inc. (CAGFI), and the Social Development Programs of CFC presented a comprehensive report on the overall accomplishments and updates on the community’s mission with the poor.

The various programs under SocDev—OIKOS, St. Thomas More and Associates, Isaiah 61:1, Order of St. Michael, Migrants Program, the Cooperatives Movement, and CFC ReForm—as well as those under ANCOP, namely Education and Shelter, gave updates to the volunteers and the ANCOP heads from the Metro Manila Missions, Philippine Missions and International Missions.

Ramon de Leon, head of the Social Development Programs, gave the audience an appreciation of the various entities, and challenged CFC to pray about and choose a program where they would be able to serve brethren in the peripheries.

After the Soc Dev Programs presentation, ANCOP also presented updates and a performance review of
each program for the past year.

Efren Tompong highlighted the latest partnership of the Educational Sponsorship Program (ESP) with the Mobile Training Center of Don Bosco Institute of Technology which targets parents of scholars and Cornerstone tutees, and even poor members of CFC who wish to earn a Tech-Voc certificate via the Technical-Vocational Educational Training (TVET).

Fr. Dindo S. Vitug, SDB, Executive Director of Don Bosco ONE TVET, signed the Memorandum of Agreement with CAGFI for the Mobile Training Center that will allow the TVET program to be taken offsite, enabling the poor to avail of the training without them going to the training centers.
Training will take 6 days or 40 hours, after which scholars will be given certification for employment or entrepreneurship. The pilot project will be in Salcedo, Samar.


“This is really the right time that we are launching the MTC. As an institution, we are moving out of our comfort zone with this project. And we are glad that you are our partners in this new initiative,” Fr. Vitug said.

Jannie Bagapuro, Head Social Worker for ANCOP,presented the monitoring of ANCOP scholar alumni, reporting that there are 1,644 alumni to date.

Mark Louie Ladesma, one of the alumni (formerly sponsored by ANCOP Australia) now employed as a segment producer for GMA 7, also gave his personal testimony, thanking the ANCOP donors for making his dreams come true.

Sheh Canlas presented how the Cornerstone Program is a gateway evangelization tool, with its engagement with school superintendents, principals and teachers, as well as the parents of tutees and volunteers—both individual and institutional.

Cornerstone is present in all provinces, and has touched more than 30,000 children through the program, which, for CFC, is an opportunity to share not only reading and writing skills to the children, but to share the Good News to their parents and the school authorities.

Another exciting thing that ANCOP looks forward to is the institution’s application for ISO 9001 certification. Once certified, ANCOP will be the first member of the Association of Foundations to be awarded the certification, opening doors for more donors to extend their help. To get there, ANCOP is currently streamlining and standardizing their processes.

Ric de la Rosa of the Shelter Program also presented the updates regarding the expectations from home partners, as well as the new Shelter Manual of Operations. He also enumerated the new communities that will rise in partnership with SMDC, among others.

ANCOP President Rudy Gaspillo honored the ANCOP workers for being united in taking CAGFI towards the progress and accomplishments so far, and exhorted the stakeholders to continue supporting the work of ANCOP, all for the greater glory of God.

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