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Blessed and thankful Bosconian

“No words can explain how much I am thankful for what I am right now because I didn’t expect that I will become a seafarer from a bystander and became a scholar of Don Bosco Makati. Don Bosco helped me not only to have a good skills and also to have a Good Spiritual life because here in a ship God is the only one who can make you Tough in every single day, in every calamity we’ve encountered, God is always with us. Don Bosco makes my faith get stronger than before and he makes me a Good Christian. That is only one of the many things Don bosco given me. I am very blessed and thankful because i have the privilege to go anywhere and travel the seven seas around the world and makes my parents proud.” – Joven Manalon, FMC Batch 86, Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati

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