External Relation Officer and Industry Liaison Officer Online Seminar

Last September 16, 2020 a webinar sponsored by Don Bosco – One TVET Philippines, an eye opener to all External Relation Officer and Industry Liaison Officer of different TVET Center of Don Bosco, Miss Winebelle Delfino – Salvador a certified Trainer of Dale Carnegie and Ron Kaufman’s Up Your Service Module, guided the group in understanding the VUCA World the new normal and the importance of Personal branding.

The word VUCA is a popular acronym which means Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous. The resource person describes that the business environment is changing at a fast pace without a clear predictable pattern. She also emphasized that it is frequently disruptive changes that the past is not a predictor of the future, a more complex system and too little clarity about what was real or true.

Everyone is encouraged to develop clear Vision by accepting and embracing change, the need to Understand what is happening at present, the importance of Clarity of communication and Agility by being flexible and adaptable by creating a contingency plan.

She also gave importance in creating a strong personal branding and values to a corporate’s brands!

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